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Why Street Play and YPSU are So Important for Children and Young People

In a busy digital age, where screens dominate our daily lives, ensuring children have access to outdoor play is more important than ever.

The Benefits of Volunteering at People Speak Up

As a growing social, mental health, arts, health and well-being charity, People Speak Up is reliant on a committed team of volunteers who give their time and energy in a variety of ways.

Kyle and Aimee’s People Speak Up Placement Journey

If you’ve been to any of the recent People Speak Up group sessions and events or have just dropped into Fwrness Fach for a cuppa, you may have noticed a couple of new faces helping out the team and getting involved in facilitating some of the sessions.

See the Person, Not the Condition: Neuro Speak Up

Before developing a serious health condition, everyone has their own identity, past, and life of rich experiences, hopes, wishes, and needs. We’re all humans, and these universal factors are true of everyone. Although a person’s life may have changed due to their health, they still have all those things.

People Sing Up: 8 Great Reasons for Joining a Singing Group

Music unites us. Whether you prefer Abba, Bach, Billie Eilish, or Kanye West, there’s something universal about that magical combination of melody, harmony, and rhythm. But it’s not just listening that touches our souls; for many, making music is also rewarding in many ways.

What’s New At PSU? Our Current Projects

People Speak Up is growing. In a few short years, the organisation has gone from offering a handful of inclusive community projects that bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to becoming Llanelli’s Arts, Health, and Wellbeing Hub with a wide range of opportunities for participants to get involved.

The Gods Are All Here - An Interview With Phil Okwedy

Phil Okwedy has a long-standing relationship working with People Speak Up both as a storyteller and a facilitator. He’s about to embark on a tour of his one-person performance storytelling piece ‘The Gods Are All Here’, in which he pieces together the story of his parent’s relationship through a series of letters sent from his father in Nigeria to his mother in Wales.

Autism Awareness: 7 Things We All Should All Know

There are many misconceptions surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that lead to people being stigmatised and marginalised. Unhelpful assumptions can be dispelled by raising awareness of ASD and the associated difficulties and personality traits.

Understanding Birth Trauma: An Interview With Caryl Jones-Pugh

For many people, birth is not the joyful or happy occasion they expect. Trauma during birth can lead to low mood, heightened anxiety, and flashbacks and can result in difficulties bonding with your baby.

Flashbacks and Flowers: An Interview With Rufus Mufasa

Rufus Mufasa is a poet, rapper, pioneering participatory practitioner, and mother. Her work has seen her become a Barbican Fellow, a Hay Writer at Work, and a mentor of Finnish beat poets.